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Looking for a great full stack engineer...

Canvas is seeking a Full Stack Engineer with Ruby on Rails experience to join our growing engineering team. Come help us build unique sites and applications for great brands like MTV, NBC, Estée Lauder, The High Line, the MTA, Credit Suisse, and others.

We’re looking for a mid- to senior-level engineer with experience working with test-driven Ruby on Rails and front end code (we love ES6, React/Redux, and Sass). This is the perfect position for someone who enjoys developing projects across the stack and for those interested in collaboration with designers and other engineers.

Here are some qualities of the people we think would do well in this position:

  1. TenaciousThere is often the right way and the quick way to get things done. You know how and when to implement the quick way, but constantly strive for the right way.
  2. ResourcefulWe have many different clients with many different problems. You could be working on a cool HTML5 interactive game one week and an enterprise content management system the next week. Any project scale, you're comfortable getting down to work.
  3. OpenWe’re looking for someone who is willing to help teach and innovate at Canvas. Our Engineering team prides itself on our open, collaborative, and ever improving culture. All of the work we do excels in both engineering and design.

We're looking for engineers who:

  1. "Get" ProgrammingWe want someone who understands design patterns, works in a modular architecture and continues to push and improve our code and capabilities.
  2. Can ScaleOur clients are all very different and have very different needs. We're looking for someone who can help us build projects at the right level of scale.
  3. Know How to PlanWe believe in writing tests, prototyping where appropriate, and measuring twice and cutting up PSDs once. You're comfortable working with other engineers to architect an application and follow through in building it.

This is a great opportunity to join our team and make a contribution at all levels of development, from prototyping through delivery. We don’t believe in engineering tests, so be prepared to come in and present some code you’ve worked on.